INFUZE + Kilo Club Event
INFUZE + Kilo Club Event

October 24, 2020-October 24, 2020

INFUZE Las Vegas is bringing Kilo Club the ultimate vitamin treatment for optimizing your health with your fitness goals. INFUZE is inspired by the belief that health and wellness is defined by delicate balance between the mind and body. We approach health from the inside out. We unite medical and scientific advancements with self-care equipped with the understanding that true health begins with how we treat ourselves and our bodies.

At INFUZE we constantly strive to provide a superior guest experience in a modern luxurious setting, so we are so excited to provide this service at Kilo Club. Experience INFUZE‘s “Health & Fitness Fuze” IV drip treatment which will provide you with a healthy complexion to help slow down aging, glowing skin, energy, essential vitamins needed daily for weight management, and an overall immune system boost.


JOIN US from 10am – 2pm THIS Saturday, October 24th at KILO CLUB.


We will have our certified specialists and registered nurses to answer any questions you may have.


The “Health & Fitness” Fuze includes:

-1 liter lactated Ringers

-2500mg Vitamin C

-100mg Glutathione

-100mg B12

-2mg B2

-100mg B3

-2mg B5

-2mg B6

-1000mg Magnesium

-5mg Zinc

-2500mcg B-12

-500mg L-Carnatine

-25mg Methiopine

-50mg Inositol

-50mg Choline

-50mg Taurine


We can’t wait to INFUZE your health!

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