Paper Weaving: PAPERSOURCE
Paper Weaving: PAPERSOURCE

July 27, 2019-July 27, 2019

Paper Weaving

Saturday, July 27

1pm-3pm – $40

Learn how to make woven works of art out of recycled materials and fine paper from around the world. We will provide you with multiple patterns to work with and give you the materials you need to customize your weavings with your favorite colors. All beginners are welcome! We will start simple with smaller weavings that can be mounted to folded cards as stationery and then move on to a larger art piece. Once you learn how to weave paper, it opens up a whole world of creative projects, including gallery art, placemats, bowls and more!


Want to save on workshops? Instead of paying $40 for one workshop, you can save 30% by purchasing an annual workshop pass that includes 3 workshops for $75.


You can also sign up with a friend (same transaction) and get 10% off!

To reserve your spot at any of our workshops, please call us at 702-233-8740.

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